The Wayfarer Cycle Touring Club Isle of Wight Randonnee



What is it...

Cycle event on the Isle of Wight. Choice of 100km and 55km Routes

2021 IoW Randonnee

We are very sorry to have to inform everyone that the committee organising the Isle of Wight Randonnee has decided not to hold the event in 2021 given the situation and ongoing uncertainty resulting from the Covid-19 "Coronavirus" pandemic. This has been a difficult decision for us -  given the nature of the Randonnee, with approximately 3,000 registered participants annually, the inevitable bunching of participants at ports, on ferries, checkpoints and feed stations, the presence of staff from a number of schools at feed stations and the age profile of our volunteers, all of which present a level of risk to the Public in context of the nature of Covid-19.

Our conclusion was that with public safety in mind, and the uncertainty ahead of us, it would be irresponsible (if not impossible) to plan for the event in the circumstances and that we should make the decision and notify participants and volunteers as early as possible.

 We are very sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to holding the event again in the future....


Overview of Route

Distances Between Checkpoints

From To Distance (Miles)
Bembridge Wootton 10.5
Wootton East Cowes 4.8
East Cowes Yarmouth 16
Yarmouth Whitwell 19.16
Whitwell Alverstone 9.9
Alverstone Bembridge 5.7
  Total 66

Detailed Route

The following routes are available and can downloaded:  

  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise here
  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise but avoiding gravel cycle tracks here
  • 55km Randonne - Clockwise here
  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise starting at either East Cowes, Wootton or Yarmouth here

Instructions (for Garmin 200 for example):

  • Download the gpx file into a folder on your computer.
  • Connect your garmin edge 200 to your computer.
  • Open the garmin in windows explorer.
  • Drag and drop the gpx file into the newfiles folder on the garmin.
  • Unplug the garmin and switch on, the course should now be listed.
  • During power up the garmin will convert the gpx file and move it into courses.

Also, if you open Google Earth and simply drag the file into the window it opens up the route.

Traditional Map

Each year we are offer a free Randonnee map for all those who need one, available at checkpoints. It is an A3 size folded to a DL and can be downloaded as a PDF in 4, A4 sections from the links below 

Section 1, cover and route notes.

Section 2, has the mini-Randonnee route.

Section 3, one half of the main map.

Section 4, rest of main map.