Route GPX and Maps

Overview of route and distance between checkpoints

Distances Between Checkpoints

From To Distance (Miles)
Bembridge Wootton 10.5
Wootton East Cowes 4.8
East Cowes Yarmouth 16
Yarmouth Ventnor 20.8
Ventnor Bembridge 13.8
  Total 66

GPX Downloads - Detailed Route

The following routes are available and can downloaded:

  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise --> here
  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise but avoiding gravel cycle tracks --> here
  • 55km Randonne - Clockwise --> here
  • 100km Randonnee - Clockwise starting at either East Cowes, Wootton or Yarmouth --> here

Instructions (for Garmin 200 for example):

  • Download the gpx file into a folder on your computer.
  • Connect your garmin edge 200 to your computer.
  • Open the garmin in windows explorer.
  • Drag and drop the gpx file into the newfiles folder on the garmin.
  • Unplug the garmin and switch on, the course should now be listed.
  • During power up the garmin will convert the gpx file and move it into courses.

Also, if you open Google Earth and simply drag the file into the window it opens up the route.

Garmin Courses

The courses start at East Cowes but you can use the courses from wherever you start but need to reject the option: "Navigate to beginning of the course". Whichever checkpoint you start from you can pick up the course from there, and continue through East Cowes if requested to restart.

  • 100km Route - avoiding gravel track between Freshwater and Yarmouth --> Here
  • 100km Route - original route, including gravel track --> Here


Traditional Map Downloads

Download and print full map.